The Ayacca Resort and Condominium is a condotel development. Set to be managed by a professional hotel management team of Ayacca’s choosing, your earnings will be maximized.

As real estate values rise in a fast growing tourist destination in the Philippines, your earnings can grow in the following ways:

  • The increase in the hotel's grade will further increase the land value.
  • Construction of complementary hotel facilities and strengthening security will also increase asset value.
  • By actively promoting commercial activity in the vicinity and promoting additional tourist traffic, asset values will increase even further.

Our low density single detached condominium development makes it possible for you to benefit from any increase in land and asset values. And since houses are built detached from each other, refurbishment after long years of ownership is easy.

As ordinary condominiums are becoming more difficult to rent, there is always a risk of income loss due to vacancy. In this sense, a condominium hotel ensures a more stable income stream. Added to that is the premium attached to resort hotels vis-a-vis an ordinary city hotel, thus maximizing your earnings.

This is a new style of real estate investment in the Philippines uniquely offered to you through the Ayacca Resort and Condominium development.